Monday, June 17, 2019

Double Sentence


  1. Fantastic and imaginative caption, Syd! Those guards are doing an admirable job of not gawking at their new prisoner! LOL

  2. It seems like he's got himself someone who can look after him in prison. Prison and soon to be pleasure seems like a small win! Great caption again Syd 😘

  3. Hey, do you have any idea as to why all of your posts from 2016 and some from 2017 are gone? I went looking for them and I was very sad to see that the captions were t there? What’s going on??

    1. Your comment was the first I've heard of it. Oh no. This is bad. Probably stuff I had to upload through Google+? I think everything from that time is on my Imagefap though. I lost my backups a while ago so I hope I can get this sorted.

    2. Hi Sydney,
      If you want i have a backup of all your captions ;-)
      I can send it to you if you want it :-)
      Just leave a comment here with how you want to have it.
      Have a nice day
      Someone who love your work ;-)

    3. That is seriously the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I think I have them all on the Imagefap so I'm good for the time being. You're amazing! I'd love to be able to give you a personalized caption if you have a request. XOXO.

    4. Oops i didn't respond at the right place ...
      And i forgot to propose you to put it on uptobox if you want, i don't know if it's easy for you to get all back on imagefap and my backup has all the right filename.
      Just want to make it easier for you ;-)
      Have a nice day Sydney,

  4. If i download all it's because it's not uncommon on blogger to see someone older work disappear... So i backup everything to be able to read it all whenever i want :-)
    It just take sometime to download everything, in the chronological order of publishing and rename with the name of the post so it's all well ordered in the folder (which is now a little bit lager than 2Gb with all the gifs.)
    I don't have a request per say (i don't have a good imagination).
    The only thing i could ask is for you to take a good care of yourself, you're loved :-)
    I suppose if you don't caption as often as you used to it's because you don't have as much time (and in that case it's alright), but if's there is something else, just take care :-)
    Since you've honored me with an answer i'm going to sign with my real name ;-)
    Have a nice day Sydney,
    Cyril, the serial downloader