Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019

Laundry Day

When my wife first suggested the punishment instead of kicking me out, I thought it was a joke
I agreed with no idea what I was in store for since I had no means on my own
It was her company I worked for in a job I only had because of her, my first taste of power
I abused it, enacting dress codes that quickly got back to her and blew up in my face.
And that was before I began demanding my busty employees wear lipstick and high heels
And that was also before I started trying to pressure them into performing sexual acts on me
It never worked and they directly reported me. My wife had already seen it all on her security cameras
That's why she decided to make me her "stay-in bimbo" like I was trying to turn those hard-working women into
She locked my dick up first thing, only removing it to switch to a smaller size every few months
I was given huge breast forms I was to wear at all times. Even when the hormones gave me my own small breasts
I was to wear high heels and lipstick at all times, even when just doing house work.
I spent a lot of time at the salon the girls I tormented bought together with their settlement money
Sometimes I'm getting my hair done, or having a new step added to my daily beauty routine
Sometimes they even use me as a receptionist. They've taken to calling me Calli, which my wife took to as well
Even with that, the times they make me model slutty clothes, or when they make me flirt with clients' boyfriends
The most humiliating part of it is they're basically babysitting me while my wife goes on dates
They bring me back in time to light candles and set out wine and rose pedals, because they're swell gals
It's still deeply humiliating to see another man take my wife, but I know better than to fight it now
The first time I refused to play along and let her fuck some strange man, she spanked me
Right in front of him. It even excited the sick naked bastard and he got hard from watching it
She decided since I ruined the mood for her I would have to help get Raul off since it would be "polite"
I had to suck another man's cock. I can still subconsciously taste his cum when I think to disobey
So now Calli is a good girl who does all of her chores and watches all of the men take my wife
But I ached for release and she just kept teasing me further, until I found a loophole
One day while doing laundry I was wearing some of my taller heels and no bra. I sat on the dryer for some relief
It actually felt... great on my cage. The vibration of the dryer was giving me feeling down there again
I moved my skirt and panties aside and it felt amazing. I started to ride it like a bitch in heat
It was a bit hard to fantasize with my hair bouncing wildly and my tits jiggling like crazy
Running my hands across my smooth skin and riding the pleasurable vibrations I felt like a woman
I began to moan and grope myself as my mind was suddenly filled with all of the men I've watched fuck my wife
But it was the image of them doing those things to me that pushed me into my first climax in months
I breathlessly collapsed. Adding my skirt and panties to the wash. My confusion overridden by ecstasy
The rest of the day I spent thinking of ways to disobey when she brings her next date home
Well, that and when it was time to dry the next load

So I set aside some time to make captions anand spent the entirety of that time trying to get this one to work as a caption and it just wouldn't. I'm really upset about that and I had already typed the whole thing and the text just wouldn't bond with the GIF. Probably because I'm poor and use Lunapic, but it's still frustrating. So I was thinking maybe from now on I'll get more done if I don't make it in the form of a caption?

It would help if I could
Tell a story without
Having to type it all out
Like this

I don't know. I'm not great with technology. Let me know what you think. Suggestions would be welcome. But just doing GIFs and text would keep the lovely Cyril from saving them and I wouldn't want to do that.

Thursday, October 31, 2019




Hey, ladies! I swore to myself I'd at least do something for Halloween! So I woke up extra early just to do a couple captions! I hope you enjoy and have a super spooky best day of the year!

Comment what your costume is if you have one! I really wanted to be Wonder Woman but chickened out.

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Hey, everyone! I'm sorry for letting loose the other night. I can be a bit much sometimes. But you all warmed my heart, so many people from so many different places telling me they enjoy what I do! It's amazing just like all of you! This one was a request! If anyone has their own request I'd be happy to do my best to whip it up in a timely fashion! I love you all!