Wednesday, January 2, 2019

You Can't Stop The Girly

William = The World (Please don't take this as a condemnation of my real Father, I hear he was very nice and I think he'd be supportive had I ever known him)
Adam = Me (Not my real name)
The Aunt & The Girls = You lovely people

When I found this GIF my first instinct was to do something forced or involving trickery of some sort. But given my current headspace I thought I would do something to represent how I felt when I started this blog. Being able to be me and be free about my girliness and my submissive fantasies and to find people who shared that.

It's probably clear from my posting history that I'm not the healthiest person mentally. So when I found you all here to relate to, it felt like a high I'd never felt. People understood me and not only that, but liked me! Then I gave out my e-mail for requests and started answering messages on Tumblr and Imagefap. That led to people who disagreed with this into my life or people who wanted to manipulate or abuse me in one way or another having access to me. And in my desperation for approval and human contact I probably encouraged it too much. It's impacting me negatively in my only safe place.

That, along with a time-consuming change in my living situation, are the reason I haven't been as active lately. Getting online became as much of a crushing experience as real life has been since I was a kid. I'm 24 now but have been reading caption sites since I was 16. So this is a part of my life no matter what.

I'm not leaving or shutting down the blog. I just feel bad for neglecting the only people who actually know and accept this part of me. I want to post more but my circumstances and most of all my fucked up cloudy head are preventing me. While I am sorry to my readers, I'm most sorry for not regularly commenting on the work of my fellow captioners. You're all doing great and I love all of you.

That's a load off of my chest. Thank you so much everyone. You're all the best.

Until next time. XOXO



  1. Loved the caption and love the song about boyfriends. Take your time girl, take care of yourself and don't mind the haters. There are a lot of Brads out there and you might just find one soon

    1. Thank you for the words of support. You're a peach.

  2. Don't ever feel like you need to hide yourself for who you are, you're in this world to live as you please and enjoy what you love doing, as always great caption and keep being you, we all love you here 😘 Amy xx

    1. Thank you, beautiful. You're one of the best girls I know.