Saturday, January 19, 2019

This makes me happy!

Sorry for lack of a caption with this post but I just had to post about this! Supergirl is going to have a transgender superhero played by a transgender actress this season and they just revealed her costume! She's so beautiful and inspiring already! Can't wait to see her kicking butt! Nicole Maines as Dreamer.


  1. This trans fiction stuff is really unhealthy. Well over 95%, if not 99%, of males who want to be female could never look half as convincing as the person in the picture. But, we keep feeding that unfullfillable desire with tg captions and pictures of the 1% who can pass pretty good and what does it create in the remaining 99% who want to transition? Disappointment they can never achieve their dream which leads to horrible depression and then we wonder why their suicide rate is at 40%....

  2. I watch the show and I didn't even catch this look at the costume yet. Thanks for posting about it, and I'm so happy you're enjoying it and the character. :)

  3. The character is annoying. The idea was good. Horrible execution. I hope she goes the way of Sam & her daughter from last year, moves to Metropolis.