Thursday, August 9, 2018

Holy moly

Over one million served I'm touched that so many people enjoy this little part of myself that I have to keep hidden from everyone else. It truly does fill a part of me that I can't fill anywhere else. You're all amazing and beautiful. Wow. I wish I had known, I would have worked on a special caption, I still will. Just won't be ready for this event. I love you girls.

I'll have a new cap up tonight and then a two-parter the two nights after that. Hopefully I'll have more time to make some more because though my life hasn't gotten less hectic, I've kicked a time-consuming bad habit for the time being and I'm proud of that.

Anyway! I owe you all of the gratitude in the world because this blog helps keep me sane. So any requests or anything you have, please don't hesitate.

A special thanks to Emory and Ian for encouraging me when I started and inspiring me when I started in the first place. Amy and Callie as well for being two great gals I made friends with along the way. I love you bitches. All of the other blogs and captioners and commenters who I inspired or inspired me: I hope I got you off 😉



  1. How is it that we submit requests to you? :D

    1. You can e-mail me at or post here. I'll keep you anonymous if you so choose. I'm not sure if there's somewhere people can just drop the requests completely anonymously, so I'm open to suggestions. But those are the two options at the moment. XOXO

  2. That's amazing, you go girl! So happy to have been in your journey and I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work 😘 💋