Monday, May 7, 2018

The Temporary Assistant (Part 5)

That's the last one, unless you want more? I wrote and queued up all 5 at the same time. So you could all hate them. But if you like them and want them to continue let me know. 


  1. That was actually a wonderful story line. I would love to see it continue but if it ended right there it's actually a complete story. It leaves one with just enought to imagine what life would be afterward. I wouldn't want to give you suggestions if you were to continue because you have a great way of story telling.

  2. Absolutely amazing! Loved this story so much great work girl, you certainly have a way with words 😘 Xx

  3. What a terrific series, Syd!!! Thank you so much for the time and energy and CREATIVITY. You're one of the best.