Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trouble With Panties

Never been big on anime-type captions but I don't see many people use anime GIFs. It's a haven for girls (and boys that look like girls!) being embarrassed or humiliated or anything else that makes these captions tick. I even had a few ideas for magic ones, which I've never done before. Would you be interested in a magic-themed caption or two from me? Or even just more cartoon ones?

I'd be happy to try and fulfill any requests for captions as well, be it a theme or a picture or a scenario. Or even if you have a certain guy-to-girl name suggestion you'd like to see. Hit a girl up!


  1. Personally magic captions really do nothing for me, it's one of the things I find so appealing about yours, that they're all at least pretend-plausible

  2. I looove this caption it has so many elements I love. The bully humiliating the weak beta sissy infront oh his crush, him having his first kiss taken away by a guy and his enemy no less, the girl rejecting him and flat out saying she will find a different boyfriend as hes now a girlfriend of the bully, him being turned on by it hinting hes a gay faggot and her knowing. All it needed was the girl being more disgusted or embarrassed that a sissy asked her out. Loved it, rejection is a great theme I like.

  3. I don't mind the anime caps at all, this one is very cute! And while my opinions shouldn't hold much sway with what captions you should make in the future, the magic ones have never gripped me all that much personally.