Saturday, May 6, 2017

Temporary Release

I've been having more and more trouble getting these GIFs to work for me lately... So I'm just gonna do this 

Rozie stroked my uncaged clitty, a reward for going through with the breast implants
She even let me kiss her, a feeling I'd longed for since I had first moved in with her
We used to be just roommates, but it was tough for an art major to find work
So I became more of a burden than a helper, why would Rozie want a loser like me?
She didn't have the heart to kick me out but continued to lash out more and more 
First she made me clean the house. Then slowly made me do it in her clothes
One day she pretended to be interested in sex with me, only to lock my dick up
Then came her pushing me further info living as Sarah, I was too scared to refuse
The constant humiliation should have been enough to make me get the Hell out
But she still seemed a better option than my drunk Father or inevitable homelessness
So Sarah stuck around, as girly as possible, a homemaker for her roommate
Recently she's been trying to get me to admit that I want to have sex with a man
Despite the doses of hormones, the ample bust, and clothes, I wasn't into men
That's why Rozie is using my temporary release to turn that tide in her favor
"Sarah, baby. I want you to think about something for me" she whispered
"Mmhmm" I moaned as she rubbed what remained of my manhood with two fingers
"I want you to picture a big black cock, long and thick. Think of the veins"
I tried not to, but I was so conditioned to do everything she said to me, the image popped up
"Now picture the balls swinging below it. The six pack abs it rests just beneath"
I stated to get turned on by the thought, even leaking from my clitty a little 
"Now picture his big, muscular arms pushing your face down around his thick cock"
She took the precum that collected on her fingers and stuck it in my mouth
She cupped my breast "now think about that long dick fucking you like a girl"
She wasn't even touching me but I was on the edge. I tried holding back the orgasm
This was the last shred of manhood that remained in my busty, hairless body
"Now Sarah, keep in mind that I've arranged for this to happen to you tonight"
That did it. I had my first orgasm since moving in, it was a magical feeling
I laid there. Spent. Rozie reattached he cage "And you won't be needing this tonight"


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